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The Operational Planning Model of Transhipment Processes in the Port
Mia Jurjević, Svjetlana Hess
Keywords:operational planning, transhipment processes, optimal plan of container transhipment,


Modelling of a traffic system refers to the efficiency of operations for establishing successful business performance by examining the possibilities for its improvement. The main purpose of each container terminal is to ensure continuity and dynamics of the flow of containers. The objective of this paper is to present a method for determining the amount of certain types of containers that can be transhipped at each berth, with the proper cargo handling, taking into account minimum total costs of transhipment. The mathematical model of planning the transhipment and transportation of containers at the terminal is presented. The optimal solution, obtained with the method of linear programming, represents a plan for container deployment that will ensure effective ongoing process of transhipment, providing the lowest transhipment costs. The proposed model, tested in the port of Rijeka, should be the basis for making
adequate business decisions in the operational planning of the container terminal.


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Available from:

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Copyright (c) 2023 Mia Jurjević, Svjetlana Hess

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