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Mathematical Model and Stochastic Multi-Criteria Acceptability Analysis for Facility Location Problem
Selahattin Karabay, Erkan Köse, Mehmet Kabak, Eren Ozceylan
Keywords:case study, facility location problem, mixed integer linear programming, Stochastic Multi-criteria Acceptability Analysis, public sector,


This paper studies a real-life public sector facility location problem. The problem fundamentally originated from the idea of downsizing the number of service centres. However, opening of new facilities is also considered in case the current facilities fail to fulfil general management demands. Two operation research methodologies are used to solve the problem and the obtained results are compared. First, a mathematical programming model is introduced to determine where the new facilities will be located, and which districts get service from which facilities, as if there were currently no existing facilities. Second, the Stochastic Multi-criteria Acceptability Analysis-TRI (SMAA-TRI) method is used to select the best suitable places for service centres among the existing facilities. It is noted that the application of mathematical programming model and SMAA-TRI integration approach on facility location problem is the first study in literature. Compression of outcomes shows that mixed integer linear programming (MILP) model tries to open facilities in districts which are favoured by SMAA-TRI solution.


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