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Simulation and Analysis of the Buffer Function of Freeway Greening on Out-of-Control Vehicles
Daiquan Xiao, Zhihe Wen, Xuecai Xu, Željko Šarić
Keywords:freeway greening, traffic safety, buffer planting, crash experiment


Freeway greening and traffic safety has aroused more and more attention. The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of flexible green planting in buffering out-of-control vehicles. The stopping distances of vehicle rushing into greening were tested at 8 group of initial speeds range from 5km/h to 40km/h in green belt, and a simplified mathematical model was built up to simulate the buffering process. The results indicated that the greening plants have certain buffering effect on vehicles and alleviate the crash damage within 30m of stopping distance for the vehicles under 40km/h, while the simplified mathematical model could reflect the buffering process of the plants actually by simulating the speed attenuation process, and it was found that the two types of resistance produced by the plants, i.e. counterforce of plants trunks and friction of branches and leaves, are the major factors during the vehicle deceleration.


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