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A Centralized Model for Establishing End-to-End Communication Services via Management Agents
Slavica Boštjančič Rakas, Boštjančič Rakas, Slavica , , Mirjana Stojanović
Keywords:centralized management, inter-provider, quality of service, service establishment


This paper presents a centralized approach for establishing end-to-end communication services via management agents. The main proposal is the modular architecture of the third-party based Service Establishment Agent (SEA). The SEA manages inter-provider service negotiation process with per-domain management agents through an appropriate signaling agent. It also receives and interprets end-toend service requests, selects inter-domain paths, performs mapping of service classes among domains on the path, and evaluates conformance of the offered service level with the required one. It allows implementation of different algorithms for the aforementioned functions as well as their selection and combination according to the predefined management policies. Simulation results show that the proposed model significantly outperforms the distributed model in terms of service negotiation times. In the prototype development process, a policy-based solution for mapping of service classes was implemented. The performance evaluation shows that processing requirements for handling multiple service requests are modest, while benefit of the SEA approach is the lack of need to build long-term consensus among providers about technical choices for achieving network interconnection. The SEA architecture is completely independent of the quality of service mechanisms available in particular domains.


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