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Analysis of Container Terminal Handling System Based on Petri Net and ExtendSim
Danfeng Du, Tiantian Liu, Chun Guo


As an important part of the container terminal operating system, the container terminal handling system affects the manufacturing operation efficiency of the container terminal. With the development of containerized transport industry, the container terminal handling system is becoming more and more important to the container terminal. It is aimed to seek a method to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, and the container terminal handling system is taken as the research subject. Petri net and ExtendSim software are combined to simulate and optimize the container terminal handling system based on the relevant research results and the current situation at home and abroad. Describe the loading and unloading operation process of the container terminal system logically by Petri net according to the composition of the container terminal. Next eigenvalues of the correlation matrix are calculated to analyze the effectiveness of the Petri net system. Then simulate the whole container terminal handling system using ExtendSim based on the Petri net system, and statistical data of the ship entry module can be obtained. By analyzing the simulation results, find the factors that affect the efficiency of container terminals. The simulation is optimized by adjusting the running speed of container trucks, the quantity ratio of inner and outer tracks, and the running mode of the container trucks.


Copyright (c) 2023 Danfeng Du, Tiantian Liu, Chun Guo

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