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Modelling Framework for Dynamic Multiclass Traffic Assignment in ITS Environment
Ivan Bošnjak, Ibrahim Jusufranić, Vinko Višnjić


Deployment of flexible traffic control, pre-trip, on-trip,guidance and other ITS services require considerable researchtoward the development of appropriate methodological frameworkand tools. In this paper, adapted modelling framework fordynamic mu/tic/ass traffic assignment (DMTA) in ITS environmentis proposed and elaborated. DMTA system uses trafficdata associated with three backdrops: time, space and defined'user classes'. The proposed structure of DMTA system includesmodules for 0-D estimation and prediction, real-timenetwork state simulation, consistency checking, updating functions,resetting functions. The methodological tools for solvingDMTA problems include combination of mathematical programming,simulation and heuristic methods.


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Copyright (c) 2023 Ivan Bošnjak, Ibrahim Jusufranić, Vinko Višnjić

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