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Marko Matulin

Department of Information and Communications Traffic
Chair of Telecommunication Traffic Theory (in the establishment process)
P-23, Objekt 71, ZUK Borongaj

Marko Matulin, Ph.D. works at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, the University of Zagreb since 2008 in various roles; currently as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information and Communication Traffic. Through his research and professional growth, he mastered the use of traffic theory and traffic models in real-case scenarios, quality of service, and user quality of experience analysis for different telecommunication services and networks. He also has hands-on knowledge of relational databases, object-oriented programming languages, statistical analysis, and web application development. The scientific projects he participated in include topics related to user perception studies about various telecommunication services, network performance analysis, and evaluation, and using VR technology in industrial environments. Three of his favorite hobbies are playing tennis and electric guitar (not at the same time) and cycling.

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